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Goals of the Research Program

Over the last few years, we have established a collaborative multidisciplinary taskforce to evaluate, design, and build dual-imaging NIRS-video EEG systems for real-time monitoring. The goal of this research program is to build a fully-portable, wireless, multi-channel, near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) system combined with electroencephalography (EEG) for long-term monitoring of stroke, cardiac, and epileptic patients. Specifically, we are implementing an ultra-lightweight, ultra-low-power, wireless multichannel NIRS-videoEEG intended for long-term monitoring applications. Once the system is completed, prototypes will be prepared and validated. Of particular interest for clinical testing, four projects are being proposed for long-term bedside monitoring of both NIRS and EEG:

- monitoring in a stroke unit;

- monitoring of aphasic patients in a rehabilitation unit;

- monitoring during intraoperative cardiac procedures;

- monitoring of at risk infants. International collaboration is underway to facilitate both the implementation of the system and the clinical evaluations

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