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This multidisciplinary research project consists of three major components:

1 - Design, fabrication, assembly, and device packaging of NIRS-EEG medical imaging systems

Current commercially available NIRS devices are too bulky to be either wearable or portable for long-term neuroimaging. A dedicated front-end circuit for a portable NIRS system has been designed by our team. Work is in progress to build a prototype of the complete mono-channel front-end circuit; this represents the first development phase of a wearable multichannel NIRS-EEG medical imaging system.

2 - Image reconstruction, and signal processing and analysis

Without proper signal analysis and quantification techniques, the development of new wearable NIRS-EEG hardware will not provide the clinical benefits promised by this project. Therefore, one of the goals of the project is to intrepret recorded hemodynamic signals (cerebral blood volume [CBV] and tissue oxygenation) in pathological situations such as epilepsy and stroke. Towards this end, a methodological program for image reconstruction and quantitative signal interpretation is being developed.

3 - Application of NIRS-EEG to clinical settings

In that the proposed NIRS-EEG system will be a valuable, non-invasive, real-time, bedside monitoring tool for patients with cerebrovascular diseases, our interests include NIRS-EEG monitoring in various clinical settings such as stroke units, rehabilitation units, intra-operative procedures, and the study of infants.

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